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Giosue Caliano

Mail address: via della Vasca Navale,84 - 00146 Roma, Italy
Office: Room 17, floor plan
Phone: (+39) 0657337083


Giosuè Caliano (nickname Gino), MS '93, Senior Member IEEE ('13), Italian Order of Engineers Member ('94), was born in Salerno, Italy.  

After scientific studies at the high school (Liceo Scientifico "Da Procida", Salerno), he received the Laurea degree with a first class honours (110/110 cum laude) in Electronic Engineering in 1993 from the University of Salerno, Italy, for a new method  to read a bar-code in a three dimensional vision (patented).
After the degree, he served, as post-graduate fellow, at Dept. of Electronics of University of Salerno, both in didactic and research field. His interests were in developing piezoelectric sensors of pressure and in measurement techniques for ceramic’s characteristics. He was a consultant for some companies in the design of ultrasonic therapy transducers.
In 1995 he joined at F.O.S. Fibre Ottiche Sud (a Pirelli’ plant that produced optical fiber) as Industrial Automation Engineer. In this position he designed a complete machine for the measurement of geometrical characteristics of the glass rods, and studied a procedure to measure and control high power RF generator (>50 kW), for electromagnetic furnaces.
From 1997 he works at the Dept. of Engineering of the University Roma Tre. He was involved in design and characterisation of silicon micromachining ultrasonic transducers (cMUT). In this position, he developed many typologies of cMUT transducers from mono-element transducers to 192-elements probe for echographic imaging system. He patented the new technology of cMUT's fabrication, called "Reverse Process". He has obtained first echographic images using cMUT probe in conjunction with a commercial echographic system (2003).
Since 2018 he has been working in another fascinating sector: the non-destructive analysis of artistic heritage. It has developed portable contact and non-contact analysis systems to help restorers in their work of diagnosing works of art.
He was Adjunct Professor of "Sensors and Transducers", since 2012 and "Electronics Laboratory" since 2017. The teaching activity was interrupted in December 2019 following a decision taken by the council of the course in electronic engineering: they tried to cancel my contribution to teaching without any valid reason, not being able to cancel my contribution to research.
He is author of 142 papers on these fields published on international magazines and conferences proceedings and 13 international patents. His H-Index is 24 with 1945 citations (Scopus).
It was the founder of the International Workshop on CMUT and has organized the event in 2001 (Roma), 2011 (Salerno), and 2016 (Roma).
In 2009 he was the Local Chair of the International Conference IEEE-IUS Ultrasonic Symposium in Rome, the most important scientific conference on ultrasonics, with more of 1000 participants all over the world.
He is "Associate Editor" of Journal of Applied Sciences, section Acoustics and Vibrations.
He obtained the "National Academic Qualification" as Full Professor in Electronics on Sep. 6, 2019 (professore ordinario di Elettronica, ASN 2019) and two qualifications as Associate Professor (2014 and 2019).
His interests range by the acoustics to microelectronics, with a special devotion to the design of electronic devices. The world of sensors, especially in the industrial environment and in cultural heritage applications, has always fascinated him, and their integration with electronics is his present job.
Recently, he obtained the prize as "Best Maker" in Maker Faire 2020, by Regione Lazio and Camera di Commercio di Roma. In 2021 he was the Coordinator and Scientific Advisor of the "PICUS" project, funded with €150k as part of the "2020 Research Group Projects" of the Lazio Region (2021-2022), together with CNR-INM and the University of Tuscia.
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